Earn your Bachelor’s degree online from a top-notch, accredited Catholic college for 1/4th on-campus cost. Excellent, experienced moderators; lively class discussions; personalized student assistance and supportive faculty; rigorous, yet profoundly interesting, great readings – these all add up to the Ignatius-Angelicum Liberal Studies Program.

Students taking online courses with the Ignatius-Angelicum Liberal Studies Program may earn up to 60 college credits and then complete one of three fully accredited Bachelors’ degrees by earning their final 60 college credits (in two years), also online, from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. Students may begin the online Liberal Studies Program Great Books courses at age 14 and up.

And: avoid the college loan huge debt trap: private, non-profit college costs on-campus now average over $40,000 per year (avg. $163,688 for a bachelor’s degree). The entire cost of any of the three BA’s offered online by Ignatius-Angelicum & Holy Apostles is only $36,915, which is under 1/4th of the average on-campus private, nonprofit college cost and less then even the average residential community college costs (which now exceed $10,000 per year; figures per College Board).

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